Core-glass Aryballos 6th/5th Cent BC Gold-band glass 1st cent BC/1st Cent AD
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Journal of Glass Studies Vol 47, 2005 2005. .

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SCYTHIAN Art 0. 19 x 16.5. Pictorial Card. VG. 129pp . Catalogue of 114 items of Scythian art with Russian Text. 13 col plates plus over 100 objects illus in b/w/

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A.I.H.V. Annales of the 14th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass Vanazia-Milano 1998 2000. 1st. 29.5 x 21. Pict Card Cover. Very Good.. x + 442pp with hundreds b/w illus, maps & diagrams. Findings of the 14th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass held in Venice and Milan 1998. Contains 93 papers given at the congress, including: Mycenaean glass beads; Ribbed glass bowls from Slovenia; Gold glasses from the Catacomb; Roman export glass at Aila; Early Islamic glass from al-Fustat; Glass vessels of a Fatimid hoard; Glass objects from Moscow in 12th-14th centuries; Ion-beam analysis of Medieval glass; Late Medieval Venetian glass and Ruby glass of the Baroque period. Mixed language text

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A.I.H.V. Annales of the 15th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass. New York-Corning 2001 2003. 1st. 29.5 x 21. Pictorial Card Cover. Very Good.. viii + 268pp with hundreds of b/w illus, maps and diagrams. Findings of thr 15th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass, held in New York and Corning in 2001. Contains 56 papers on a wide variety of matters related to glass, including: The glass beakers of Nesikhons; Glass and gold on Macedonian funerary couches; Glass enamel on 4th century BC Macedonian gold wreath; Achaemenian glass production; Ancient glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, two recent acquisitions; Composition and technology of mosaic vessel glass from the early Roman empire; The iconography of the Getty skyphos; Prismatic glass bottles with Greek inscriptions from Arycanda; Glass from an early Medieval settlement in Switzerland; Tang Dynasty glass cups recently excavated in China and Early Islamic cameo glass in the Corning Museum. Mixed language text, mainly English

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A.I.H.V. Bulletin de l'Association Internationale pour l'Historie Du Verre No.8 1977-1980 1980. 1st. 24x16. Ill Card Covers. Fine. 250pp with 91 b/w illus amongst text. This volume of the Bulletin of the International Association for History of Glass concentrates on glass manufacture in the British Isles. Covers: Pre-Roman glass; Roman glass found in UK; Roman glass other than British; Early Medieval glass; Glass of the High Medieval period; 16th-17th century English glass; Continental glass of the Renaissance and the seventeenth century; British glass 1680-1830; 18th century foreign glass; British glass 1830-1900; 19th century foreign glass

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AHARONI, Yohanan The Archaeology of the Land of Israel from the Prehistoric Beginnings to the End of the First Temple Period 1978. 1st. 22 x 15. Pictorial Card Cover. VG. xvii + 344pp with 55 mono photos, 88 figs and 31 plates of drawings. Sections on the Prehistoric Era; Chalcolithic period; Canaanite period and Israelite period;

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ALEXANDER Pat (Ed) The Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible 0. 26 x 17. Pictorial Card. Very Good. 352pp with numerous colour illustrations

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AMIRAN, Ruth Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land 1969. 1st English. 28x22. Red cloth gilt. VG+/VG. 306pp with 350 b/w photos + colfrontis and 101 plates containing 1252 drawings of pottery vessels. A useful book cataloguing and dating all the types of ancient pottery found in Canaan/Israel/Jordan with locations. Covers the period from Neolithic ( 6th millenium BC) to Iron Age II (800-586 BC). It includes imported pottery from Cyprus, Egypt, Crete, Rhodes and Phoenicia. The photos combined with plates illustrate over 1600 items of pottery. Probably the most comprehensive and useful study of ancient pottery of the Holy Land ever made and very useful for dating and identifying items. English text

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ARCHEOLOGIA Jerusalem 5000 Years of History 1992. 1st. 28 x 21. Pictorial Cover. Very Good. 137 pp. Special English edition ofthe French Archeologia Journals giving a history of the archaeology of Jerusalem over a 5000 year period. Contributions by 24 different authors on subjects ranging from Solomon's Temple to The Crusaders and beyond. Colour plates.

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ARVEILLER-DULONG, Veronique & ARVEILLER, Jacques Le Verre D'epoque Romaine Au Musee Archeologique De Strasbourg 1985. 1st. 24x15. Pict Soft Cover. Very Good. 320pp with 297 b/w illus and 47 pages of line drawings plus 4 maps. Pictures and descriptions of 393 items of Gallo Roman glass from 1st to 5th century AD in the Strasbourg Museum of Archaeology. French text.

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ARVEILLER-DULONG, Veronique & NENNA, Marie-Dominique Les Verres Antiques - Du Musée Du Louvre Volume 3 2011. 1st. 28.6 x 25.3. Pictorial Boards. Mint. 440pp richly illustrated with colour illus. This is the third and final volume of ancient glass in the Louvre Museum faturing 709 items each one with colour illustration and description. Includes Core formed pendants, pressed glass pendants of gods and godesses, pendants of human heads , fruit and birds, medallions of various subjects, pressed glass suspension pendants of animals, small core formed jugs as pendants, glass beads of all variety, glass ring bezels, glass finger rings, bracelets, amulets and inlays, glass hairpins, spoons, mirrors,sewing needles, stirring rods, spindle worls, weights and Egyptian mosiac inlays. French text

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Astarte Monete e Medaglie 1999. 29.5 x 20.5. Soft Covers. Very Good. Auction sale catalogue for 1411 ancient and medieval coins and medals offerd for sale in Lugano 28 October 1999.

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ATES, Mehmet Turkish Carpets 1996. 1st. 26.5 x 19.5. Pictorial Card. Very Good. 111pp with nice colour plates.

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AUTH, Susan Ancient Glass at the Newark Museum 1976. 1st. 26x20. Pict Card Cover. VG. 235pp with hundreds of photographs including some in colour. Catalogue of the ancient glass collection in the Newark Museum assembled from the private collection of Eugene Schaefer. Pictures and descriptions of 552 examples of ancient glass dating from 18th Dynasty Egyptian through to Islamic. One of the finest collections of ancient glass in America.

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BAHAT Dan Carta's Historical Atlas of Jerusalem 1986. 3rd. 24 x 16. Pictorial Card. Very Good.. 92pp with numerous maps and illus.

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BALL Warwick & HARROW Leonard (Eds) Cairo to Kabul - Afghan and Islamic Studies 2002. 1st. 26x20. Pict Card Cover. Mint. 259pp with 219 & 3 col plates and 35 figs. A collection of 27 papers put together by an international group of scholars on Islam to celebrate the lifetime and achievement of Ralph Pinder-Wilson. The papers relate to the areas of his main interestes, namely Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Near East and Islamic world as a whole. They cover a broad range of subjects, including archaeology, architecture, art history, ethnography, museum collections and history of the region

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BALOG Paul Glass Weights and Vessel Stamps - Umayyad, Abbasid and Tulunid 1976. 1st. 28x20. Red cloth gilt. Mint/None. 322pp plus LV pages of b/w plates. Catalogue of Arabic glass weights and glass vessel stamps from the Umayyad, Abbasid and Tulunid periods extending from 709 AD til 904 AD.

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BANGERT, Albrecht Glas - Jugendstil und Art Deco 1979. 1st. 20x13. Blue cloth. VG/VG. 160pp numerous colour and b/w plates and line drawings. History and development of Art Deco glass, German text

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BANK LEU Antike Münzen - Auktion 38 - 13 May 1986 0. Pictorial Card Cover. VG. Auction catalogue of 436 ancient Greek and Roman coins with photos of each

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BAROVIER MENTASTI, Rosa Altino Glass of the Venetian Lagoon 2010. 1st. 22..5 x 23. Hardback. New/Mint dw. 167pp with hundreds of colour illustrations. Catalogue of ancient Roman glass in the National Archeological Museum of Altino. The glass was all excavated in the region of Altino which was a port and most important area of glass production in the Veneto region from the first millenium BC until 7th century AD.

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