Core-glass Aryballos 6th/5th Cent BC Gold-band glass 1st cent BC/1st Cent AD
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FREMERSDORF Prof. Dr. Fritz Die Romischen Glaser Mit Aufgelegten Nuppen in Koln - Die Denkmaler Des Romischen Koln, Band VII 1962. 30x21. Card Covers. VG/VG. 58pp plus 119 full page plates, 12 in colour. Catalogue of Roman glass made and found mainly in Koln. Band VII of a major series of books on Roman glass by the late Fritz Fremersdorf, considered one of the greatest experts ever on Roman glass. This band focusses on plain glass vessels decorated with blobs and trails of coloured glass. 148 items of glass described and pictured. German text.

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GROSE David Frederick Early Ancient Glass at The Toledo Museum 1989. 1st. 31x24. Red cloth gilt. Fine/Fine. 453pp with 130 colour plates, 430 b/w illus and 519 line drawings and two maps. Magnificent book covering the development of early glass from Core-Formed objects of late Bronze age through to the cast and mosaic glass of the early Roman Empire. Some beautiful colour plates of the finest examples and descriptions of 713 items of glass. The most comprehensive work on early glass.

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LIGHTFOOT, Christopher S. Ancient Glass in National Museums Scotland 2007. 1st. 29.5 x 22.. Decorative Card. Mint. 208pp with 25 objects illus in colour and 290 in b/w. Catalogue of the extensive collection of ancient glass vessels in the Royal Museum, Edinburgh, which has been assembled over the last 150 years and is based largely on Eastern Mediterranean pieces but also with some glass from the Western Empire. Ranging from core glass of the Classical and Hellenistic periods through Roman to Merovingian. An introductory essay on the history of ancient glassmaking is followed by a chronological catalogue, which traces the major technical developments in the manufacture of glass in the ancient World, as well as making clear the distinctions between luxury glass and that used in every day life.

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NENNA, Marie-Dominique & ARVEILLER, Véronique Les Verres Antiques - Louvre - Volume 2 2006. 1st. 24.6 x 28. Laminated decorative Boards. Mint. 720pp with 30 colour and 800 b/w illus. Volume two of ancient glass in the Louvre Museum Paris. Dating from Hellenistic 1st century BC through Roman, Byzantine to 7th century AD. 1349 objects featured. French Text

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PAOLUCCI, Fabrizio I Vetri Incisi Dall'Italia Settentrionale e Dalla Rezia Nel Periodo Medio e Tardo Imperiale 1997. 1st. 29 x 21. Pictorial Card Cover. Very Good.. 226pp with hundreds of b/w illus. Study of cut and engraved Roman glass found in Northern Italy. Hundreds of examples.Italian text

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SOTHEBY'S Ancient Glass 1987. 1st. 27x21. Pictorial Card. VG. Auction sales catalogue of ancient glass sold at Sotheby's London 20th November 1987. Photos (mainly colour), description, estimates and prices realised of 138 Lots. Includes sandcore, cameo, gold-band, mosaic, mould-blown, facet-cut, Sidonian, gold-sandwich, pilgrim-flasks and Frankish - Merovingian.

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SOTHEBY'S Important Ancient Glass from the Collection Formed By the British Rail Pension Fund 1997. 27x21. Pictorial Card Cover. VG. 86pp. Auction Catalogue of ancient glass from the collection formed by the British Rail pension fund sold at Sotheby's London Monday 24th November 1997. This was one of the most important ancient glass collections to come to the market in the last twenty years and includes the famous Constable-Maxwell cage-cup and the "Aristeas" signed cup. Notation of prices realised.

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