Core-glass Aryballos 6th/5th Cent BC Gold-band glass 1st cent BC/1st Cent AD
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A.I.H.V. Annales of the 14th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass Vanazia-Milano 1998 2000. 1st. 29.5 x 21. Pict Card Cover. Very Good.. x + 442pp with hundreds b/w illus, maps & diagrams. Findings of the 14th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass held in Venice and Milan 1998. Contains 93 papers given at the congress, including: Mycenaean glass beads; Ribbed glass bowls from Slovenia; Gold glasses from the Catacomb; Roman export glass at Aila; Early Islamic glass from al-Fustat; Glass vessels of a Fatimid hoard; Glass objects from Moscow in 12th-14th centuries; Ion- beam analysis of Medieval glass; Late Medieval Venetian glass and Ruby glass of the Baroque period. Mixed language text

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A.I.H.V. Annales of the 15th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass. New York-Corning 2001 2003. 1st. 29.5 x 21. Pictorial Card Cover. Very Good.. viii + 268pp with hundreds of b/w illus, maps and diagrams. Findings of thr 15th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass, held in New York and Corning in 2001. Contains 56 papers on a wide variety of matters related to glass, including: The glass beakers of Nesikhons; Glass and gold on Macedonian funerary couches; Glass enamel on 4th century BC Macedonian gold wreath; Achaemenian glass production; Ancient glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, two recent acquisitions; Composition and technology of mosaic vessel glass from the early Roman empire; The iconography of the Getty skyphos; Prismatic glass bottles with Greek inscriptions from Arycanda; Glass from an early Medieval settlement in Switzerland; Tang Dynasty glass cups recently excavated in China and Early Islamic cameo glass in the Corning Museum. Mixed language text, mainly English

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A.I.H.V. Bulletin de l'Association Internationale pour l'Historie Du Verre No.8 1977-1980 1980. 1st. 24x16. Ill Card Covers. Fine. 250pp with 91 b/w illus amongst text. This volume of the Bulletin of the International Association for History of Glass concentrates on glass manufacture in the British Isles. Covers: Pre-Roman glass; Roman glass found in UK; Roman glass other than British; Early Medieval glass; Glass of the High Medieval period; 16th-17th century English glass; Continental glass of the Renaissance and the seventeenth century; British glass 1680-1830; 18th century foreign glass; British glass 1830-1900; 19th century foreign glass

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AHARONI, Yohanan The Archaeology of the Land of Israel from the Prehistoric Beginnings to the End of the First Temple Period 1978. 1st. 22 x 15. Pictorial Card Cover. VG. xvii + 344pp with 55 mono photos, 88 figs and 31 plates of drawings. Sections on the Prehistoric Era; Chalcolithic period; Canaanite period and Israelite period;

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ALEXANDER Pat (Ed) The Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible 0. 26 x 17. Pictorial Card. Very Good. 352pp with numerous colour illustrations

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ATES, Mehmet Turkish Carpets 1996. 1st. 26.5 x 19.5. Pictorial Card. Very Good. 111pp with nice colour plates.

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AUTH, Susan Ancient Glass at the Newark Museum 1976. 1st. 26x20. Hardback Pictorial Boards. Mint. 235pp with hundreds of photographs including some in colour. Catalogue of the ancient glass collection in the Newark Museum assembled from the private collection of Eugene Schaefer. Pictures and descriptions of 552 examples of ancient glass dating from 18th Dynasty Egyptian through to Islamic. One of the finest collections of ancient glass in America.

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BAHAT Dan Carta's Historical Atlas of Jerusalem 1986. 3rd. 24 x 16. Pictorial Card. Very Good.. 92pp with numerous maps and illus.

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BALL Warwick & HARROW Leonard (Eds) Cairo to Kabul - Afghan and Islamic Studies 2002. 1st. 26x20. Pict Card Cover. Mint. 259pp with 219 & 3 col plates and 35 figs. A collection of 27 papers put together by an international group of scholars on Islam to celebrate the lifetime and achievement of Ralph Pinder-Wilson. The papers relate to the areas of his main interestes, namely Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Near East and Islamic world as a whole. They cover a broad range of subjects, including archaeology, architecture, art history, ethnography, museum collections and history of the region

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BANK LEU Antike Münzen - Auktion 38 - 13 May 1986 0. Pictorial Card Cover. VG. Auction catalogue of 436 ancient Greek and Roman coins with photos of each

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BAROVIER MENTASTI, Rosa Glass Throughout Time - History and Technique of Glassmaking from the Ancient to the Present 2003. 1st. 28.5 x 24. Hardback. Fine/Fine. 285pp with hundreds of beautiful colour and b/w plates amongst text. An excellent history and technique of glassmaking from the ancient world to the present. A brilliant mixture of ancient and modern glass with hundreds of example of both

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BARR Sheldon Venetian Glass Confections in Glass 1855-1914 1998. 1st. 28x21. Black cloth. Fine/Fine. 128pp 112 illus inc 102 photographs in full colour. a survey of late 19th and early 20th century Venetian glass with some magnificent colour plates

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BATTIE, David & COTTLE, Simon (Eds) Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of GLASS 1991. 1st American. 28.5 x 24.5. Hardback Black Cloth. VG/VG. 208pp interspersed with hundreds of colour illustrations. Comprehensive encyclopedia of glass with a continuous history and examples from earliest pre-Roman through til modern times.

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BAUME, Peter La, & SALOMONSON, Jan Willem Romische Kleinkunst Sammlung Karl Loffler 1976. 1st. 22x20. Pict Soft Cover. Fine. 187pp inc 12 line drawings plus 72 full pages of plates containing photos of 163 items of glass (7 col) and 132 of pottery. Catalogue of the collection of Karl Loffler of Roman glass and pottery in the Romisch-Germanischen Museums Koln, German text. Includes separate insert of supplementary catalogue of further 37 items.

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BERNHARD, Maria Ludwika Lampki Starozytne 1955. 1st. 24x17. Grey cloth. VG/None. 420pp plus CLXV (165) pages of b/w plates showing 404 lamps. Catalogue of 556 Greek and Roman pottery and bronze oil lamps in the Museum Narodowe Warszawa. Text in Polish but summary in French. Author's inscription on ffep

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BIANCHI, Robert Steven (ed) Reflections on Ancient Glass from the Borowski Collection 2002. 22x29. Grey cloth. Mint/Mint dw. 450pp with 573 colour illustrations & 9 line drawings. Describes over 450 ancient glass objects of the collection of Dr Elie Borowski. Ranges from Bronze age to Early Medieval Europe. In addition to Robert Bianchi there are sections contributed by professor Dan Barag, G. Max Bernheimer and Dr Birgit Schlick-Nolte with Rosemarie Lierke . Beautiful colour illustrations with description of each piece. Section on technology

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BONFANTE Larissa Etruscan Mirrors - Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum 1997. 1st. 32.5 x 23.5. Hardback. Fine/Fine DJ. 186pp with 50 full page b/w photos comlemented by 50 full page line drawings of the images contained on the mirros. Study of the Etruscan bronze mirros in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

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BONHAMS Highly Important Antiquities - Ancient Glass 2004. 1st. 27x21. Blue cloth. Fine/Fine. 69pp. Auction Catalogue of sale of important antiquities, mainly ancient glass. Includes Hellenistic Mosaic Glass Bowl; Hellenistic Skyphos; Roman Swan Rhyton; Roman Cameo Skyphos; Roman Ajax vase; Roman 'Aristeas' cup; Roman Harvest beaker; Roman Mythological beaker; Roman CageCup; Saxon glass bucket. Most of this glass is ex British Rail and/or Constable Maxwell collections. Sale also included some important ancient Egyptian objects. List of prices realized

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BRAAT, W. C.(Ed) Glas Uit De Oudheid/Verres De L'antiquite 1962. 22x18. Pict Soft Cover. VG. 60pp with 31 line drawings plus 14 b/w plates. Catalogue of exhibition of ancient glass in Rijksmuseum Leiden May/August 1962. Egyptian, Roman and Frankish glass. Dutch and French text.

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BREMEN Walther Die Alten Glasgemalde Und Hohlglaser Der Sammlung Bremen in Krefeld 1964. 1st. 26x18. Red cloth gilt. Very Good.. XI + 446 pp. Catalogue of the glass collection of Dr Walther Bremen in the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn. Comprises a collection of stained (painted) glass windows from 14th to 17th centuries AD. Also domestic glass dating from 3rd century BC and all periods through to 19th century AD. Photos of 100 examples of stained glass and 257 examples of Domestic glass. Includes Roman, Frankish, Forest, Venetian and Bohemian glass,

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